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Small Tourist Train Plays a Different Role in Different Seasons

In different seasons, tourist train can play different roles, such as in winter you can take the train to enjoy the snow, in summer you can enjoy the fish, in spring you can enjoy the spring, in autumn you can enjoy the flowers. Zhengzhou Jinshan amusement equipment’s small train, we use baking paint, paint room is according to national requirements, it is safety and environmental protection, fiber glass is durable, it is not easy to fade, high temperature paint 380 degrees. Fiber glass is produced by mould, which has bright color, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, good stability and beautiful appearance.  It can be made according to customer’s  requirement. The difference between painting and baking is the appearance, the appearance of the spray is uneven, and the color is not bright. Baked paint is bright color, the appearance is smooth,  set security, novelty in one, it fully embodies the modern entertainment industry’s  new ideas and aesthetic taste.

The small train is very popular in vast customers, especially for young people and kids.All customers speak highly of our train.



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