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Some Details That You Should Know about Children’s Amusement Equipment

Nowadays, there are more and more complete amusement facilities and various kinds of amusement facilities. What should children pay special attention to when riding these facilities?

1.Recognizethe “inspection qualified” mark of amusement equipment.

2.It’s forbidden to unfasten the seat belt and the door during the ride.

3.Follow the direction of the amusement park staff, then the crowd go up and down in order.

4.Please read the “passenger guide” before taking the children’s entertainment facilities.

5.In the track train and self-control cabins, please sit and hold, do not play, do not put your head, hands out of the window.

6.Swing chair hanging basket of children’s entertainment facilities. It’s strictly prohibited to stand on the chair hanging basket or squat on the seat.

7.In case of any failure of children’s entertainment facilities, do not panic, wait in the original position, listen to the radio carefully, wait for rescuing by staff, and do not take self-rescue measures.

Through the detailed introduction above, I think you have a deeper understanding of the attention already. Notice: Safety should be the priority at any time.

By Jinshan carnival rides