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Some Introduction about Amusement Equipment

Installation and commissioning

1.Before the game machine is installed, check the contents of the packing list and make sure the parts and accessories are complete.

2.The amusement machine must be installed on a hard and flat ground. The base of the equipmentis bolted.

3.Connect the various parts of the game machine.

4.Check whether the connection bolts of the various parts of the equipment are firm.

5.Connect the input power supply on the main unit with the corresponding wire number of the terminal block of the control cabinet.

Operation Instruction

1.Close the power switch of the electric control cabinet.

2.Press the start button. At this time, the speaker of the electric control cabinet emits a “beep”. After 3 seconds, the electric control system enables the motor to be turned on and the equipment starts to operate. The speaker emits an analog electronic sound.

3.When the set time is reached, the speaker will give a suggestivesound within three-second and then its operation will stop gradually.

4.If the emergency stop button is pressed when the machine stops, the equipment will stop running.

5.When suspending the amusement machine, the power of the control

cabinet should be switched off, or the power plug should be removed.

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