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Some Tips For Quick Payoffs of Children’s Playgrounds!

How can a children’s playground return quickly? Different park operators have different opinions and strategies, but one thing should be the same, that is, to seize the consumer psychology of visitors. The strategy of the park management is believed to be more than hundreds and thousands. Let’s take a look at the following points:

First, concession sales

Concession sales refers to a special preferential promotion method for parks to reduce the profit and enable customers to get more benefits from purchasing playground products to promote parks sales. Children’s park can choose to use the secondary card as a breakthrough point to give customers a visible discount.

  1. Sell the secondary card in low-cost price, so that the affordable price is visible! For example, the vouchers with original price of 300 yuan can be sold for one hundred yuan, which could quickly open the market.
  2. The voucher can be used four to five times in the park, once again surrender part of the profits, make the voucher value for money.
  3. The time of secondary card consumption is not limited, so as to gather popularity, maintain the lively atmosphere in the venue.

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Second, drainage

Drainage can be understood as attracting customers to our park. The sales channels or audiences of the parks will have certain restrictions and could not cover more people. At this time, the park operators may try to make customers in the park become a salesperson.

  1. Turn the customer into a salesperson. The park can sell the agency without a deposit and surrender park of profits to the customer. Let customers become salespeople and use their connections and resources to complete better sales.
  2. Collect customer information, nurture members, and collect the name and phone number of customers’ children in daily operations, sales, and activities.
  3. Make full use of the on-site advertising space. While selling the advertising space, provide the advertiser with a certain number of vouchers for sale, and make a mutual benefit.

Third, other incomes

In the children’s playground, in addition to the main ticket income, there are many other aspects of income, and the added value has a lot of space for improvement. Many children’s parks also have some photo commemorations, parent-child activities and so on. More and more children’s parks have cooperated with some early childhood education institutions to set up parent-child training classes and children’s vocational experience classes. Although tickets are the source of parks income, but we should not rely too much on it. Make rational use of all aspects of the children’s park in order to maximize the benefits of the park.

The tips of park marketing are ever-changing, but the changes remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes. In the end, playground which can meet the needs of customers can also have these customers.