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Specification of Mechanical Plane

Mechanical elevating plane

Rotary elevating plane is a self control plane which can rotate and lift around the center shaft. It is suitable for 2-8 old ages of kids and includes 8-4 person to seat.This amusement equipment is powered by the single -phase AC motor. Kids seat in the model of Fiberglass airplane to rotate and lift .More details are as follow:

Floor Area Voltage Rotation Speed Power Height of Elevating (speed) Capacity
4 arms Φ6M 220V 50Hz



6r/min 1.5KW 1.1M





6 arms Φ7M 7r/min 12person


Working principle: the single -phase AC motor is slow down by the worm and gear, and it has two parts of transmission. One is though the center bevel gears to drive support wheels, and the other controls the lifting though the exocentric construction. During the every operation, the acoustic analog circuit will release constantly the sound of the airplane flying, lifting and lading, and the decorative lights will shine brightly with the sound together at the same time. After the airplane running, it can stop in the regular time.

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