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Stimulating Amusement Rides- Mechanical Bull

Spanish bullfighting is renown, which has long been treated as a symbol of courageous and skillful in battle. But many people have no chance to experience it, then you can try one of our stimulating amusement rides – Mechanical Bull.

Mechanical Bull is very interesting, and its main body is a “Spanish Bullfighting Music” that is controlled by computer; this equipment is exciting and challenging, cultivating players become more brave and strong and physical coordination; the whole playing period is breathtaking, which caters to modern urban people’s strong desire to conquer and mentality of seeking stimulation.

Advantage: our Mechanical Bull adopts the motor and standard parts produced by the regular large, and the durable fail.

Requirements of site: the diameter of the site is 4m, and the ground should be flat and hard and have not bulgy foreign matter.

By Jinshan carnival rides