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Strategy of Playing Amusement Equipment in the Playground Safely for Parents

During the holidays, children’s playground will be in season. We would like to remind parents that they should accompany the children all the way, strictly follow the requirements of the staff, and ride the amusement equipment in a civilized manner. Meanwhile, we also give some suggestions:

Rotating pulley

1. Group that amusement equipment are suitable for. Learning about the requirements of the equipment for the age or some of the patients to choose the appropriate amusement equipment.

2. Passengers instructions. Understand the movement characteristics, using instructions, safety instructions and warning of amusement equipment, listen carefully to the safety knowledge and safety matters of staff, and ask questions in a timely manner.

3. Safety device. Check whether safety devices ( such as seat bells, safety bars, etc.) are available. If people encounter any equipment that is not fully equipped or normally used, then they should refuse to take it or play it.

At the same time, during the operation, do not extend any part of the body out of the car, not to unfasten the seat belt, and open the security bar; When using rotating and tumbling type of amusement equipment, it is important to give the eyeglasses, mobile phone, keys and other items that easy to fall to other people for keeping , so as not to fall into the air; in the operation if there is an accident, do not be panic, move, waiting for the staff to rescue in the original position.

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