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Summary of Common Problems in Investment Children’s Parks

First, how to choose a location, what location is good? What position is not good? Choosing a good location is the best prerequisite for success.

Second, how to choose equipment? Which manufacturer’s equipment is good?

A good amusement equipment manufacturer must not only have formal qualifications, but also pay attention to many details. The company must also have a certain scale and have many years of experience and worker technicians.

Third, What license do you need to apply for a paradise?

Specific business licenses can go to the local industry and commerce department for consultation, the requirements for each place are different.

Fourth, What does the fire check mean?

Fire protection should be prepared before opening, and fire-fighting equipment should be fully equipped. The safety knowledge of employees must be in place. Regular fire protection training can be done. The fire department will also check regularly. It is very important to make children’s business safe. The country’s control is also very strict.

Fifth: What is the best time to open a children’s park? Is there a distinction between off-season and peak season?

Sixth: From the surrounding parks, the peak season is weekends, May 1st, June 1st, summer vacations, and National Days, winter holidays. These periods are the most prosperous business. In this way, the holiday opening is a good choice.