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Teach You How to Exclude the Problems from Bumper Car

For bumper car, the size of the venue can be adjusted,and the number of vehicles can also be increased or reduced, as long as the site can meet the suitable size. Bumper car has become one of the most popular equipment among children, then how to deal with it  if bumper car does not work ?

After plugging in the power controller, the indicator light is on, but bumper car does not have any reaction to present the problem:

1. The music rings, but the bumper car can not move

Solution:check that if the bumper car circuit board is in good convergence, and look at whether the battery piercing is in tight convergence or not to make sure they are Adequate power.

2. The direction of the front wheel is not too positive, and there is some wrong with the steering wheel

Solution: proofreading wire, so that the steering wheel can hit the wire.

3. Bumper car controller burned out

Solution: Touch the two lines on the switch directly , if the bumper car still can not work, then the controller is broken,and replace the controller

4. Coin switch line drop

Solution: Plug the switch line from the head.

5. Bumper car remote control switch can not work, and handing toggle wire can not hear “tick” sound.

Solution: bumper car remote control switch is bad, and internal short circuit,so replace the bumper car remote control.

By Jinshan carnival rides