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Technical Requirement of Kids Indoor Playground Details

Indoor playground is the most popular children amusement equipment in recent years. Therefore, the security requirement of indoor playground is very strict, the technical requirements of each part also should keep improving. Let’s take a look at the specific technical requirements:

1, The plastic pipe and slide: colour is gorgeous, resistance to ultraviolet (UV) capacity of magnitude reach grade 8, accord with standard of food grade, strong antistatic ability, safe environmental protection, good weather resistance, high strength.

2, Platform: interior is composite board, it has a characteristic with high strength and good safety performance;

3, Protection net: high strength nylon cord knitting by machine, with high strength and good safety performance accord with a standard;

4, Carpet: high-density EVA foam sponge, safe environmental protection.

5, Rainbow ladder: interior is wooden and enfold the heavy foam sponge in the middle, high intensity, and if it achieves the excellent safety performance, the installation angle is less than 30 degrees, in line with national standards;

6, The outside material: high-density foam EVA sponge which the thickness is 6 mm, and outside coated with light leather, it is easy to scrub, bright colors, not easy to damage and have good flame retardant;

7, Steel pipes: galvanized steel pipe which is in line with international standards;

8, Single-plank bridge: generally internal of bridge is composite board which enfold the heavy foam sponge in the middle, the outer package is weaving flash leather, high intensity, good safety performance;

Naughty castle is the happy kingdom of children, as a manufacturer, we are bringing children happiness, at the same time we must guarantee the reliable quality, so every parts must carry out strictly accordance with the technical requirements, to ensure that children’s amusement equipment keep safe and reliable.

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