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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Amusement Equipment Made of Different Materials.

Every kind of amusement equipment has advantage and disadvantage. Now, let us analyze them.

1.Concrete material. Its advantage is it can be easily shaped and constructed into amusement equipment and it suit for some big or giantamusement equipment. But the disadvantage is obvious. For example, the material is tough so this equipment does not suit for the little kids to play.

2.Metal material. The advantage is that  this equipment is hard and its surface can be made smooth or frosting anti-skidding. What’s more, it can be made into different shapes and it is easy to be combined together. The disadvantage is that the connecting parts and ports is dangerous for kids.

3.Wooden material. The advantage includes the material is natural, non-toxic and easy to obtain, and it can be combined together according to the demand of amusement rides. The disadvantage includes this surface should be smeared with special anti-corrosiveand moisture-proof material, and it is easy to be damaged by elder kids

4.Fiberglass material. Many equipment are made of this material nowadays. It has the advantage of bright colour, strong durability and fastness.

By Jinshan carnival rides