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The Advantages of Inflatable Castle

What’s the advantages of inflatable castle ?

1.Safety: some inflatable amusement equipment have the characteristic which is exciting ,but also have the security assurance.

2.Interest: The children can play with initiative and creativity.

3.Colourful: It includes many different colors, and uses the imported pigment which is not easy to fade.

4.Durability: Durable raw materials.

5.Reasonable structure: The local force is relatively uniform , when using normally,there will be no tearing.

6.Less air leakage: During production, it has special handling in the vulnerable parts.

7.Convenience: The inflatable castle has different sizes, and customers can choose the suitable size according to the site, like the square, park, indoor or outdoor playground, and shopping mall and so on. It is easy to carry and operate.

By Jinshan carnival rides