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The Advantages of Leswing Car

Recently, there are many new amusement equipment in the market. But the leswing car is the most popular. Let us learn about the advantages of the leswing car !

1.Wide use. Many amusement equipment have the demand for the suitable crowd, but leswing car don’t have this limitation. It not only can be played by kids, but also can suit to old people.

2.Easy to operate the speed. The speed of leswing car can be controlled by the players. It is convenient for the players.

3.Humanized design. Leswing car includes the armrest, which can help the player can get on or get off the car. It is will be more safe. And the whole machine can disassembly easily for delivery. Modularization of spare parts can be easy to maintain. Double-deck seats and air belt will give the players good felling.

4.It can set the time limit or coin operated. Charging time is about 4-8 hours and can work about 5-8 hours. The handle can control the direction. The crazy music and colorful lights will attract more customers to play.


By Jinshan carnival rides