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The Advantages of Our Bumper Car

The advantages of our bumper car

1.Excellent material: FRP and Steel are main materials, which are strong and durable.

2.Painting: own professional painting room, and finish painting under the environment of constant temperature dust-free,so the color is more bright and not fade.

3.Rear axle drive: it does not need maintenance,just to replace the oil per year

4.Double pedal control: one controlsbumper to go forward, and the other one controlsbumper car to go back. It is super easy to operate, even kids can play it eas 

5.Motor overload protection system: Our bumper car will be automatic to power off within 2 seconds if many bumper cars arecrowed together and can not move, to prevent motor overheatingand extend motor using life. ( release the accelerator and step on it again, the bumper car will restart )

6.With timer:working time can be adjusted.

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