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What Are The Problems of The Inflatable Castle?

Inflatable castle is our common play equipment for children, it has random,  unpowered, interactive and safety features, it has been deeply loved by children, then  what problems will arise of the inflatable castle when they are played.

1.The power is off when children are playing, will the inflatable castle hurt children?

No. Because it has enough air in the castle, so it won’t hurt children.

2.What are the requirements of the inflatable game on the operating site?

The ground is flat with no sharp goods.

3.How long does it take to inflate the inflatable games.

It usually need 3 to minutes.

4.How long does it take to exhaust gas ?

It takes 10-15 minutes until it’s clear.

5.What about leakage of gas?

The repair method is simple, just like repairing a bicycle tire.  When we delivery inflatable games to you, we also offer you special adhesive.  You can use the special adhesive to repair it.

6.How long is the life of an inflatable game?

In general, three years, depending on the customer’s usage.

By Jinshan carnival rides