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The Best Location for Indoor Playground

A good location is very important for opening indoor playground. When you ready to look for a place to open indoor playground, the request work is doing well assessment of the flow of people around the site and the surrounding business vision. The selection principle is as follows:

  1. The areas with high population density

A stable and large passenger flow is a guarantee for making money. If you want to open a profitable indoor children playground, it should be located in a place with high population density, such as: large communities , kindergartens, etc. In such areas, the population is large and it is easier to apply for membership cards. The sales volume will not suddenly rise and fall, which will ensure the rapid return of cash flow from the store.

  1. The area with high frequency of commercial activities

In areas with high frequency of commercial activities and targeted objects, such areas are usually commercial centers and downtown areas. Commercial activities are frequent and people can spend a whole day eating, drinking and playing in the mall. These malls are high-end and popular, making them the preferred venue for indoor children’s parks. Such a venue is a “land of gold”, but the difference in passenger flow is also relatively large, and the turnover will be higher.

  1. Traffic location

The traffic situation near the indoor children’s park will greatly affect the quality of the business. In the vicinity of the main station, the subway station, or in the street where the customer walks no more than 20 minutes, which side is more advantageous for business, it is necessary to observe the pedestrian traffic on both sides of the road, with one side with more pedestrians.

Or at the intersection of two streets (the flow of traffic between the two streets is concentrated here, there will be more passenger traffic), you can increase the area of the window display, and pass more than two entrances to ease the crowding of people (generally choose large traffic flow side as the main entrance, small flow as the side door).

  1. Neighborhoods gathered in the same industry

In the same industry, the indoor children’s park gathering area will form a certain industry scale, which will have an agglomeration effect, and the development of each business can be improved from the economies of scale. Sites are located near similar goods stores, such as maternity stores, children’s clothing stores and other related physical stores. Parents are more willing to take their children to the amusement park after purchasing the goods. It is easier to attract customers when opening a store in such a location.