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The Best Purchase Time of Amusement Games Is Slack Season

In order to catch the holiday and busy season, many business operator like to purchase amusement rides before the holiday. But for amusement games, there are necessary production time. Generally, production time of amusement games is about 10 ~20 days, shipping time is about 10~40 days depends on different country, therefore, many business operator start to choose the supplier before 1 or 2 month.

But maybe one point was been ignored, when you choose suppliers to purchase amusement rides, meanwhile, other operator are choosing supplier to purchase rides as well, in this case, the manufacturer will have production busy season, the production time will be longer because we have to produce rides in order.

Therefore, we’d like to suggest all business owner to purchase amusement rides in your slack season, then both of us have enough time to prepare. Then you will ready well and earn much profit in your season.