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The Bisha Gang Park

Last Saturday, I went to the Bisha Gang Park with my friends. Bisha Gang Park is located in the western suburbs of Zhengzhou City, which is a beautiful place with beautiful scenery, tree-lined roads and various flowers in full bloom. The park is a fairyland of beautiful flowers and a happy entertainment playground.

Bisha Gang Park is not only a flower garden, but also there are many amusement area for tourists, such as movie room, exhibition room, skating rink and children playground. The park has attracted a lot of domestic and foreign tourists every day. Especially on holidays, the parks will be full of tourists. It’s really a good place for an entertainment tour.

Children Playground

Once we entered the park door, the first thing that catches our eyes is a beautiful large ferris wheel. Parts of the large ferris wheel looms in the flourishing trees, very spectacular. When we approached the ferris wheel, we found many other playground equipments nearby, such as: self-control plane, double-deck luxury merry-go-round, European style carousel, flying chair ride, fire ball ride, bumper cars, naughty castle and so on. All of the playground equipment are very popular with kids and each device is packed with queuing kids.

The self-control plane looks very thrilling and entertainment. Children sit in the plane-shaped cabins are all enjoy themselves in the rotation, up and down movement and dynamic music. The flying chair is also many children’s favorite. When sitting on the chairs, children looks as if flying in the sky, so that children’s dream of flying come true. The luxury carousel is best for parents to play with their children together. It is safe and make a family more intimate. The fire ball ride looks very thrilling and we can see the passengers sometimes upside down in the air, suddenly rapid decline, while the cabins also rotating along with arms. Passengers are excited because of the weight loss and dizzy feeling mixed.

We experienced the large ferris wheel. The ferris wheel rotate with a slowly speed, but it carried us to the top very soon. We can view a whole picture of the Bisha Gang Park from the top.

Flowers Area

After we came out the children playground, we walked to the flowers area with many flowers in full bloom. The spring is a flourishing season, and a variety of Begonia flowers, cherry blossoms all in full bloom. Tourists are taking pictures of the flowers.

In the Begonia Park, so many Begonia trees straight standing on the grass, looks as if welcome to our arrival. Walking on the road in the park, it’s really a wonderful experience: Begonia flowers is in full bloom at both sides of the road, with breeze passing by and blow a few petals falling down. What a wonderful picture!

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