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The Daily Security Check of Luxury Carousel

Before operating the luxury carousel amusement equipment, the operator must do a good work for security check. Trying the equipment should be not less than two times, and after confirming everything is good, then the operator can open the carousel for business. Now, let us learn the main content as follows:

1.Every fastening screw is loose or off

2.Checking the appearance to find out whether the carousel has deformation ,crack and breakage

3.Switch of motor is sensitive and reliable

4.The moving of horse pole is normal

5.No unusual smells and sounds

6.The temperate of motor is normal

7.The power line and electric indicator is normal

8.Bearing and the lubrication is good , the temperate is normal and the wear is not excessive.

9.The main welding line has no crack  

10.The knuckle bearing under the horse pole and the shaft joint have nocrack or damage

11.Fixed mount under the horse is not damaged.

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