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The Development Prospect of Amusement Equipment Manufacturer

Based on the condition that more and more amusement equipment companies have appeared recently, but the sales volume and profit of amusement equipment comes to a standstill, there is an increasing competition in amusement equipment industry.  Jinshan Amusement Equipment Company thinks that every amusement equipment company should expand the market actively, enhance the enterprise management and consciousness of innovation and strengthen the cooperation and exchange with other industry, so as to improve the enterprise’s viability and development prospects.

1.To expand the market actively. The domestic amusement park and playground is the main customer. In recent years, a lot of amusement parks have been built. This situation shows that the whole domestic market still have economic potential. Therefore, the amusement equipment enterprise can’t be limited to regional brand publicity and online marketing. They should expand oversea markets actively and try to cooperate with more potential customers through various channels.

2.To enhance the enterprise management and consciousness of innovation. Every manufacturer must be strict in quality during improving productivity, and they should enhance the quality and the after-sale service. What’s more, the enterprise should develop more new amusement equipments to increase sales volume.

3.To strengthen cooperation and exchange with other peers. Every manufacturer should strengthen the technical exchange and cooperation. At present, the rise of raw material and workers’wages has increased product cost, and this will lead to a bad result that some manufacture will cut corners to jerry-build, especially in the industry concentration area. it is easy to cause the vicious competition and influence the brand image. Jerry-building will cause a very serious effect, the whole industry’s reputation and image will be damaged terribly.

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