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The Difference of Indoor Amusement Park and Outdoor Amusement Park

Different requirements for the venue.

Indoor park and outdoor parks have different requirements for venues, one is indoor and another one is outdoor.

Therefore, the cost of renting a venue is different. In the same area where the level of economic consumption is similar, the rent of the indoor park is relatively higher than outdoor park. And the indoor park’s decoration needs to pay another fee, the outdoor park can save these expenses. Indoor parks are not affected by the weather. Whether it is raining or snowing or heat weather or cold weather, indoor amusement equipment can be opened as usual. The outdoor park will be affected by factors such as weather and geographical environment.

Different selection for amusement equipment.

Indoor and outdoor parks have different options for amusement equipment. Generally, outdoor parks have more choices when purchasing amusement equipment. Small amusement equipment, children’s play equipment, medium-sized amusement equipment, and large amusement equipment are all available.

Indoor park has certain limitations when purchasing amusement equipment. Under normal circumstances, medium-sized amusement equipment and large amusement equipment are not suitable for indoors. They are too tall, too wide and too heavy. Only small amusement equipment, children’s play equipment, naughty castles, theme amusement equipment can be selected. Indoor play equipment is more focused on the exquisiteness and appeal of the equipment.

Different marketing methods.

General indoor amusement parks, the usual marketing methods such as: handling membership cards, may be divided into gold, silver, ordinary cards, etc. Different levels of cards enjoy different incentives. Or it is a rechargeable marketing method, how much money the customer charges and how much we send. This will also make customers feel affordable, thus attracting the customer base and forming a fixed consumer base.

This method is also used for outdoor parks, but not many. Most of the usual marketing relies on buying tickets, one device and one ticket; or a joint ticket, several devices on one ticket. There are also some operators who will offer discounts on some group buying platforms. This is also a marketing tool for outdoor play equipment. The consumer groups of the outdoor park are not fixed by the indoor consumer groups.