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The Differences between Up and Down Transmission of Big Pendulum

Big pendulum is divided into two kinds:  up and down transmission. Although the appearance is similar, but the working principle of the two is different, which also leads to the different price!

As the name implies, the transmission part is at the top, that is, the motor is at the top; The power is emitted from the top, and that gives it a greater ability to exert its power, to make the oscillation amplitude larger. The largest oscillation amplitude can reach about 100 °, and there is no much sense of shaking during operation.

Down transmission’s pendulum, the transmission  part is at the below, so it moves the big pendulum by friction. Although its swing amplitude is not larger than the upper transmission,  it can also achieve 60 degree; above all, its safety factor is much higher, and the braking capacity is very good; it is suitable for players who do not like too exciting equipment.

Whether it is up or down transmission, both of them have heir own unique charm. Operators can choose according to their own funds.


By Jinshan carnival rides