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The Five Major Trends of Operation about Children Amusement Park in The Future

With the improvement of the national economy, people’s quality of life is also constantly improving. Young parents pay more and more attention to the early education of their children. The development of children’s playground has been developing rapidly in recent years. Indoor children’s paradise has also appeared from the initial north wide, to the second and third tier cities and even townships. It is true that some paradise is crowded, while others are indifferent. Why is there so much differences in the status of managers? Perhaps your paradise has gone wrong, and you have not yet noticed that your children paradise may not have been doing the initial publicity work, which led to that few people know about the existence of your paradise after opening for a long time.

*The theme is combined with IP resources, emphasizing the unique personality

So far, there are many brands cooperating, through the foundation of the fans accumulated earlier on IP;The companies get strong interactive experience and win-win results after cooperation.

*Customize multi-theme stores according to business positioning.

According to the specific site space, and commercial positioning tailored for developers rides, both developers can make investment income to fill the rent discount, but also to avoid homogenization.

*Passenger range gradually extended to adults

In the theme park paradigm, more and more children’s play programs are no longer confined to the traditional model of parent viewing and children’s play. Instead, parents are brought into mutual participation in children’s entertainment to achieve parent-child interaction.

*Trying to get through the entire industrial chain

Some brands tried to get through the entire industrial chain and increase potential revenue items, laying a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the brand. Derivatives of this theme not only reflect a theme on the amusement device, but also set up children’s themed restaurants and themed derivatives shops to maximize the benefits of the business area.

*The theme breaks down several emerging elements

The theme is personalized and divided into unique product areas such as big children, middle children and young children. At the same time, the theme is subdivided into new emerging elements such as animation, marine, sports, fairy tales, magic, science and technology, ice and snow.

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