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The Influence of Seasonal Variation on Amusement Equipment.

The seasonal variation has influence on everything. Today we learn about the influence of seasonal variation on amusement equipment.

Firstly, let’s talk about influence on big amusement equipment. Generally the big amusement equipment are always installed out of doors, because they have large size and complex construction. Seasonal variation has bigger influence on big equipment than other small equipment. It is mainly manifested in the following items.

1.Seasonal change has a big influence on the large amusement equipment. Especially in summer, because there are more rainy days in summer. Once weather becomes bad, the operators should stop running business. The equipment should have a complete inspection after thunderstorm. In addition, some large amusement equipment are very high, so they are more likely to be struck by lightning. Although they have the lightning protection measure, it is not enough. Therefore, it is very important to do a good protection work against weather change and repair work if the equipment are damaged.

2.In winter and summer, the influence of weather is more obvious. It is easy to understand. In winter, it is too cold, so the operator should do a good freeze-proof work and check the equipment frequently. But in summer, the weather always changes and there are many players, so sthe maintaining work is also very important.


By Jinshan carnival rides