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The Instruction of Samba Balloon in Amusement Equipment

Samba balloon is a new amusement equipment, up and down motion height is between 1 and 1.5 meters, samba balloon is a large-scale entertainment project, similar to some space ship amusement projects in some parks. There are 8 big balloons on the revolver, and 8 cabins below, each of which can take 2 to 4 people. The equipment rotates up and down during running, just like dancing samba, so it is called Samba balloon.


Samba balloon is the perfect family amusement equipment, it breaks away the single ride of the general rotary amusement equipment. It not only adapts to the needs of children to play, but also provides a convenience for family members to play together. The equipment is decorated luxuriously and colorful, which embodies a pursuit of children’s fun, dream and naive decoration style. The equipment is integrated with lifting, revolution and rotation, and more than that, the cabins of the samba balloon can be spun by the passengers themselves, The balloon drives the cabin to rotate up and down, as if dancing samba, you can experience more fun during the ride! When the night falls, the gorgeous lights open, it will be more beautiful and spectacular!