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The Instructions of Samba Balloon Rides

*First, Overview

Samba balloon” is a kind of flying tower game. As the product starts lowly,the tourists soar in the air like a fairy. It is an organic combination of entertainment and science. It is a favorite and welcome amusement equipment for the vast number of tourists.

*Second. The main technical parameters

1, Capacity: 8 cabins *4 people=32 people

2.Running height: <1.9 meters

3.Rotation diameter: 8 meters

4.Power: 7 kw

5.Height of equipment: 4m

*Third: Structure description

1, The driving device is equipped with a motor, which is operated by the control room.

2, The main engine gear wheel drive the flying chair to rotate

*Forth: The operating procedures and precautions of electrical part

1) Operating program

1.Do all the inspection work before starting, and connect the switch.

2, Open the key switch, connect the power control, open power indicator, press the bells alarm 2 seconds, then the device will start working.

Two) Matters needed attention

1, Before starting, it is necessary to remind tourists that their hands should not be extended out of the cabin.

2, The equipment can not run when the weather is bad, like humid, windy, thunderstorm.

*Fifth, notes for operators:

A), By the person responsible, the operator must be familiar with the equipment, understand the technical performance, familiar with the operating instructions and equipment principles, understand the essentials of electrical devices, master the operation method, handle the general operating faults, take some emergency measures.

B) The operating department should pay attention to the management of amusement machines, establish the following systems and conduct examination.

1), Operator job responsibility system

2), Operating technical procedures

3), Equipment inspection, maintenance and repair system

4), The establishment of daily inspection, monthly inspection, annual inspection records and project transfer table records.

Third,Matters needing attention

1), The operator must focus on energy, serious and responsible, with particular attention to personal safety.

2), Do a good job of propaganda and explanation

3), Rain, snow windy weather could not run

4), The normal operating temperature range, minus 5 degrees to zero on the 45 degrees.


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