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The Knowledge of Amusement Equipment Operation

Now there are many amusement equipment and amusement business in the market. During the operation, what knowledge should the investor learn?

1.Necessary marketing knowledge. If the investor wants to have a good amusement business , they must have some propaganda policy. Therefore , some activities and promotion scheme should be employed according to the customers’mentality and characteristic.

2.The operators must be familiar with the knowledge of amusement equipment. For example, the product’s characteristic, notes, repair and maintenance method. The investors should learn more about the quality and every part about the equipment for future business.

3.The knowledge of repair and maintenance. If the investors want the equipment to make more profit, they should try their best to prolong the service life of the equipment. In addition, they should avoid that the equipment can not work because of malfunction.

4.Related laws and regulation. For example, the operators should know which equipment is forbidden by the national laws. What’s more, the investor should learn more knowledge about the economic laws, labor laws, social security, sanitation, and fire control to ensure there won’t be  security problems in amusement parks. Of course, before opening an amusement park, there are also much important knowledge, including operation requirement, sanitary requirement, fire-fighting requirement, etc.

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