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The Maintenance of Ground Grid Bumper Cars

1.Check whether the screw of the incoming power supply of the rectifier cabinet of the bumper car ride is loose (check frequently). If the it is loose, please tighten it in time.

2.Check whether the insulating rubber sleeve of the small conductive wheel of the bumper car is damaged. If it is broken, it should be replaced in time. (check once a day.)

3.Check whether the mounting screw for the conductive wheel of the bumper car is loose, and the rubber on the screw of the conductive wheel can not be broken, if it is broken , please replace it in time (check once a day).

4.The small conductive wheel of the bumper car need to be added the grease once a month. (The small conductive wheel must be removed when adding the grease.)

5.The inflation standard of bumper car: between 1.8 kilograms and 2 kilograms (check it once a day), It should be inflated in time.

6.The brake screw of the bumper car should not be too tight or too loose. The standard is to step on the throttle for 2 to 3 seconds to start.

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The Maintenance of the floor

1.Floor maintenance: every day before opening and after closing of the business, the ground should be towed with a semi-wet mop.

2.Check the top wire on the floor line of the bumper car every day,if it is loose, please tightened it in time.

3.Mop the floor with diesel or kerosene every 2 or 3 months. The main purpose is to remove dirt and rust.

4.Check the ground before starting the equipment. No metal or sundries are allowed on the ground. The main purpose is to prevent the control cabinets from burning.

5.Check the screws around the bottom plate of the bumper car every day to make sure that all of them are tightened.