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The Maters Which Need to Be Paid Attention to When Kids Ride Elephant Train

Elephant train is a kind of rail train, and it is more loved by children, so in the park it is common. The elephant train is a safer amusement equipment for children. But in order to ensure safety, there are matters still need to be paid attention to when children playing it.

1.Check the appearance of the amusement device to see if it is damaged.Do not take damaged amusement equipment; check the seat belt of the elephant train to see if it is complete; if it is found that there is a problem with the safety belt, Please notify the staff in time.

2.Before taking the train, riders must read “passenger notice” carefully, and listen to the staff arrangement in accordance with the order up and down.

3.During the operation of the elephant train, the rider could not laugh and slapstick, could not put the head and hand out of the window,could not unlock the seat belt and open the door.

4.If there is a sudden breakdown, ridersmust be not panic. Wait in situ and listen to the arrangement of staff.

Of course, these can not fully summarize all the possible dangers, so parents are required to pay more attention when their children playing games , so that children can enjoy the day in the playground.


By Jinshan carnival rides