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The More Enough Air Pressure of the Bouncy Castle Will Bring Security Risks

Some customers bought bouncy castle. When they operate them, they are always afraid of that the air pressure was too weak and the air was insufficient. It was found that some designs children went down with a pressure. They thought that the castles quality is bad and has a large amount of air leakage, but in fact it belongs to normal phenomenon, There is a place where air is leaking in order to maintain balance. If the inflatable castle is always flexible, and the children will be fun and safe when they jump on it.

If you want to add another air blower after the bouncy castle is full, the more enough air pressure will bring safety hazards. If the child accidentally falls down from the castle, it is easy to injured children feet if the flat bouncer has hard air pressure, therefore, the inflatable castle air is suitable, your inflatable castle will be fun and safe. If it is not suitable, it will not only affect the children’s play, but also may have safety problems. Everyone should always pay attention to the slide forbearance when operating.  because sometimes the amount of inflation is appropriate at first, but as the number of children increasing, the inflatable castle may become tighter and tighter. If necessary, the inflatable mouth can be relaxed a little and increase running capacity. It is important of children’ safety, we can’t be careless.