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The Placement Skills of Amusement Equipment

There are a lot of amusement facilities in the amusement park, so what are the skills for the amusement equipment to be placed in the playground?

1.For some very popular amusement equipment, or some newly-introduced amusement equipment, these popular equipment should be placed in a conspicuous place, usually inthe doorway or in a crowded place. This will increase the popularity of amusement equipmentand make the device accessible to visitors

2.There must be some space between amusement equipment, and infrastructure is necessary, seats, tree kiosks and so on. These are convenient places for tourists to relax. Besides, the space will also prevent the body from doing too much damage when playing rides.

3.When placing amusement equipment, we must consider complementary principle between amusement equipment. For example, if a certain area has orbital equipment, it is not necessary to put the same kind again, and some types of rotation and lifting can be considered. Puzzles and sports type can put together, which can not only move people’s brain, but exercise people’s body. The combination of body and mind can attract tourists

4.Almost all large-scale amusement parks have different types of amusement equipment. When placing these amusement equipment, different types of amusement equipment should be placed in different locations, so that the safety of amusement equipment can be guaranteed during operation. The layout is in place, giving people a clear feeling.

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