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The Prepare Work of Amusement Equipment in Hot Weather

Firstly, if the conditions permit, try to put the amusement equipment indoors. For some outdoor equipment, in the case of safety, you can make a device to block light, avoid direct sunlight. In this way it not only has a certain cooling effect, but also helps passengers to enjoy the cool, at the same time the seat of the cockpit also is not hot. The passenger experience will more better.

Secondly, establishing a professional monitoring team to increase the number of inspection equipment safety, at the same time you must strictly observe the operation specifications of the equipment. When the equipment is running for a period of time, it must have sufficient downtime to ensure the safety of equipment, and to extend the service life of the equipment.

Finally, we should do a good job in the cooling and heat dissipation of the core parts. Once the core parts have problems, the amusement equipment will be scrapped. So we must do a good job of heat dissipation in the core parts, which can be realized by adding fans and heat dissipation.

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