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The Reasons of Same Amusement Equipment Has Different Price

The reasons of same amusement equipment has different price.

1.The size of the manufacturers determines the price of amusement devices. For large-scale manufacturers, their product’s price is high, because factory rent, workers’ salaries, daily expenses are all included in the amusement device, So the price is higher than small size factory.

2.Production costs determine the price of amusement equipment.

The production cost of amusement equipment includes raw materials, utilities, workers’ salaries and production efficiency. For example, in recent years, the price of steel continue to rise, and the cost of raw materials also continue to rise, so the price of amusement equipment continue to risen, at the same time worker salaries and utility bills are also on the rise, which also increasing amusement equipment’s production costs

Production efficiency refers to the production time of the same equipment; the production time is long, and the production cost is high, the production time is short, the production cost is less. So the production time also have a big effect on the price.

3.Different production process determines the price of amusement equipment is different. The same product, because each manufacturer adopts different production process, so amusement equipment price also is different.


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