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The Reasons Why Large Amusement Equipment Break Down?

With the improvement of people’s living standard, they have a higher requirement of spiritual needs. The propotaion of entertainment in people’s life is becoming bigger and bigger. People often travel, go to some amusement places to relax themselves and persuit exciting. Therefore, safety is important to large amusement equipment, now let us talk about the reasons why large amusement equipment break down?

  1. The problems exists in large amusement equipment.

With the increasing of people’s needs, there is more and more large amusement equipment. The state has higher requirements for operations and the management is more scientific. At present, most amusemnet industries are private contractors. They do not have professional maintenance and repair workers of the amusement equipment. They don’t have a deep understanding of amusement equipment’s operating principle. It’s inevitable that a moment’s carelessness would cause the accident. What is worse is that some operating staff have low quality. They do not have a strict safety check before running the equipment, even don’t have any safety guarantee of the equipment they bought, which greatly increase the risk during the playing.

  1. The reasons on passengers themselves.

First, passengers don’t carefully read the safety precautions before taking the rides.

Second, the excitedment in playing voilates the safety matters( especially amusement equipment which have low safety factor like Disco Taganda, Pirate Ship, Flying Chair etc.)

  1. The reasons on operators.

First, they don’t remind the passengers of safety precations before the equipment starts.

Second, start the device without alarm bells and don’t let the passengers have a psychological preparation.

Third, the small problems in device don’t get repaired in time, to make money, do business as usual with defective equipment.