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The Responsibilities and Obligations of Qualified Amusement Equipment Manufacturer

Recently, the industry of amusement equipment develop quickly, according to the constantly regulation, it have a good rising trend. But there are some problems when are manufacturing. For example, the innovation and the safety. So the amusement equipment manufacturer have the responsibilities and obligations to pay attention to these problems.

1.There are no some warn marks on the amusement equipment for suitable kids. Some little decoration like the small bell, pendant which are poor fastness, it is easy to lead to the children eat them by mistake.

2.Cosmetic defect, some craft of amusement equipment is rough, it will affect the safety when kids are playing.

3.Heath indicators are not qualified, the material contain the heavy metals content which is exceeding than the provided standard. It will affect the kids healthy for long time.

In fact, these problems all can be avoided when are manufacturing. So it is necessary responsibilities and obligations to product the safe amusement equipment.

By Jinshan carnival rides