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The Rules of Color Matching in the Park Design

In the design process of the children’s park, most parents will feel that bright colors are the most suitable colors for children’s park. But forget to consider that although the bright color in the short term looks very beautiful, but also easy to cause visual fatigue.Too much color can also cause vision loss.

Red: red encourages children to like to be in charge. They have a strong sense of independence and pick their own equipment and environment style. They have clear goals, love to challenge, and will do anything to remove obstacles. When reading to become class cadres or top students, after going to work to become excellent employees or leaders.

Yellow: the feeling that yellow gives a child is pursuit and happiness, they usually are resourceful and agile, lively and cheerful, positive. They want to be noticed, understood or respected. They want to be admired. Having an innate sense of superiority, believing that you are smarter, more talented, and more attractive than others. So they don’t like sitting still and can’t stand the boring life. The desire for adventure and the desire for excitement in life.

Blue: the core drive for blue is intimacy, so they are the most honest of all colors. They are sensitive to others’ emotional changes and like to encourage and comfort others. They enjoy meeting people, loving people and being loved. When you feel surrounded by love, blue glows and is willing to share everything.