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The Safety Precautions for Kids Playing The Amusement Equipment

Amusement equipment is popular with kids in the park, but when kids are playing the amusement equipment, what safety attention should they note?

1. In the holiday, many people queue for playing the amusement equipment. In this situation, parents should take the kids to play in an orderly way which can avoid to push and squeeze and happen the accident.

2. Before playing the amusement equipment, kids and parents should put the bag or other things in the specified location or give them to workers to take care. This way can help to avoid these things being lost.

3. Parents should help the kids to choose the suitable amusement equipment to play.

4. During playing the amusement equipment, the kids and parents should not open the safety belt or lever arbitrarily. If leaving from the amusement equipment, they should wait for the amusement equipment stopping.

5. Parents should dress the kids in the simple clothes, and don’t choose the clothes with some long belt which is easy to twine the amusement equipment.

By Jinshan carnival rides