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The Safety Rules for Riding the Trackless Train

The antique trackless train adopts a one with four type which means one locomotive. It mainly used in parks, scenic spot, large amusement parks, campuses, garden hotels, resorts, villas, pedestrian streets, shopping malls and other areas.

So, what should we pay attention to when riding the trackless train?

  1. The trackless train should be parked at fixed stops or drop-off points to ensure passengers get on and off safely.
  2. When passengers take the train, they must obey the safety rules from safety inspectors.
  3. Forbidden to stand or walk around in the train for passenger so as not to cause unnecessary harm while the train is running.
  4. Passengers and pedestrians are strictly prohibited from crossing the vehicle when the train stops.
  5. The driver should charge the train for 6-8 hours in order to keep the normal operation of the trackless train.