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There Is Potential Safety Hazard Everywhere In Amusement Park, How Should Operator Maintain A Strict Standard?

 The safety problem is very important to the operators and parents of each park, which concerns the personal safety of children when playing. Once the accident happens, its influence to the park operators and parents can’t be measured. For the potential safety problem of amusement park, what should the operators do to keep their parks safe.

  1. Clear and conspicuous warning and reminding

The amusement equipment should be affixed or hung with a warning sign, indicating the age, height, physical condition of the children and any previous medical history which are not allowed to play, and showing the safety index, stimulation degree and maintenance of the equipment in a conspicuous place. Staff should be arranged on the playground to strictly guard the height, weight and age of the children, and tell parents about the basic conditions of the equipment, so that they can more carefully judge whether their children are suitable for playing with the equipment.

  1. Quality equipment

The operators of the amusement park should strictly observe the quality of the equipment when buying the amusement equipment. The regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment is also very important and should not be ignored. For example, the equipment should be checked every day, and professionals should be asked to conduct more rigorous inspection monthly and annual. The equipment that has reached the scrapping standard should be stopped immediately and security drills should be conducted regularly. As children’s safety awareness is very weak, it is very easy for children to get injured in the process of playing, so the protection of the site should also be done, for example, the equipment can be installed in the peripheral protective rails, the floor can be covered with protective pads and so on, which can reduce the injury rate to the minimum.

  1. Check and maintain in daily operation

Many safety problems of amusement equipment are caused by improper operation. For example, the operator at the playground did not strictly check the safety belt of the tourists before opening the rides. For example, before starting the amusement equipment, there is no comprehensive inspection of the amusement equipment, and find out that the amusement equipment itself has a malfunction but is ignored. Only when the operators pay enough attention and strictly implement the safety procedure can the safety accident rate be reduced.

There are too many people at the children’s park. Crowded people will exceed the load limit of amusement equipment, which will easily lead to safety accidents. Therefore, operators shouldn’t ignore controlling the number of tourists due to the drive of interests. Once a safety accident occurs, it will bring immeasurable economic loss to the operator, let alone a series of other serious problems. The operator cannot ignore the possible big hidden trouble because of small profits.

  1. The rigor of the staff

The staff working in the park should be rigorous, stop and deal with the equipment problems immediately once there is something wrong with the equipment, evaluate the physical and mental condition of the tourists, and patiently persuade the visitors who are improper to play to leave the equipment. Staff should carry out relevant skills training before taking the post, such as equipment debugging and control, basic first aid measures, and only after passing the examination can they be qualified for the post.