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Three Effective Ways to Promote Children’s Playgrounds

In order to raise popularity, the park will inevitably do the promotion. Park with high quality may be difficult to have a bigger breakthrough of visitor flow if it is not well known to the outside world. Effective publicity can quickly make the park known to the outside world. If there are many people know the park, it will be of great help to increase the customer flow of the park. The following are three popular and effective ways of publicity.

Offline promotion

It is mainly sending flyers near the store. Although the form is old-fashioned, it is still valuable. You can attract customers to the store with some offers, free trials or coupons.


  1. The scope of the leaflet is within 1.5 km around the park; (If it is too far, the customer may feel trouble or inconvenience)
  2. the design of the flyer should highlight the key points, the theme should be simple and clear, the text should not be too much;
  3. The object of sending flyers should be targeted, with people in the 25-40 age group;
  4. The time should be arranged as far as possible from 9:00 to 11:00 or 13:00 to 15:00 on weekends and holidays;
  5. The sending personnel should be well-featured, and have a certain affinity, wearing uniform and smile when sending flyers.

Self-media promotion

Through the most popular consumer apps such as Weibo, WeChat, and QQ, we can establish self-media marketing channels for specific consumers, quickly spread brand consultation, shape brand image, and win more consumers.


  1. Publish the latest event offers of the store through social platforms such as local communities and post bars.
  2. Customer experience sharing. For example, send photos of children’s play on Moments, QQ space to share with friends, provide free chance to play through the collection activities, or recommending customers.
  3. Add customer’s WeChat number though deductible coupons, free printing photos, or sending small gifts activities, and then repeatedly send the latest marketing activities of the store through WeChat.


Park operators can also cooperate with the following local group buying platforms, such as Meituan, Nuomi, 58 city, etc., which not only achieves the promotion effect but also increases sales.


Opening activity

  1. Free play experience, only for certain time of a certain day, etc. Non-electric equipment is free to play on the opening day, and electric equipment is charged at a certain percentage. Customer can get a gift pack after playing certain hours, and so on.
  2. In recent years, parent-child interaction is very hot. Parents should be involved as much as possible in the event to enhance interaction. The content of the event must have characteristics, which can make children have a strong interest, and can learn from the game links in the children’s reality show ( Such as “Where is dad going? “, “Manual DIY”, etc.). Hold a competition system, the champion can get the free membership card quarterly right, the second winner can get month membership card use rights, and so on. Take photo of the top three children and put the photo on the wall of honor. Let customers have a sense of honor and make them build more trust in our park.


The promotion methods of the park are far more than the above mentioned. We should constantly explore new ways of publicity and promotion, so that the image of the park can be more widely spread in people’s lives, and become a popular park brand, which is beneficial to the management of the park.