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Three Factors to Reduce the Accident Rate of Amusement Equipments

In recent years, there have been frequent reports of accidents on large amusement equipments, all of which are due to the failure of equipments testing and safety testing, yet also draw more and more attention from us. Some parents don’t even dare to let their children play large amusement rides anymore, yet accidents are still happening. So what methods should we adopt to strengthen the supervision of large amusement rides and equipments and reduce the accident risk and rate?

The three main factors of reducing the accident rate of amusement equipments for the amusement equipments manufacturer

1.Pay attention to the first process–theproduction quality of amusement equipment products

To pay special attention to the first process –the production quality of amusement equipment products, firstly our amusement equipments manufacturer should be strictly to good quality, resolutely do not cut corners on materials and processes. We can’t  take any mistake in the production control process. Run test as much as possible after completion of the amusement equipments. The quality assurance testing of the manufacturer is the first factor of equipment using.

2.Pay attention to the daily maintenanceand inspection of large amusement equipments

It is the responsibility of administrators to do the inspection and maintenance regularly in the operation of amusement equipments. Stop the equipment running immediately and check the cause of the problem and solve the problem in time when equipment running irregularly or making abnormal noise. Run equipment only when the  faults are eliminated. Recover operation after failure completely ruled out. Equipment maintenance is very important in the daily operations, especially some old equipments which need to check regularly. If the equipments is too backward to equipment upgrades, you must consult amusement equipments manufacturer if you don’t know how to maintain.

3. Pay attention to the installation and testing of amusement equipments

Operators should strictly consider serial affairs about the site foundation, the construction of the embedded parts, the safety and the location of the site in accordance with the requirements of the amusement equipments manufacturer before the installation of the large amusement equipments. The safety of tourists is the guarantee of long-term stable operation. On account of that most of the large equipment is running vertically, all the equipments must be operated in accordance with the rules. The equipments will produce large centrifugal force and knockout press in the operation, which will be the biggest hidden security danger if the equipments is not fixed well. This is also one of the factors that an accident happens in recent years, many accidents are caused by this kind of hidden danger.

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