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Three Principles of Naughty Castle Design Innovation

The indoor children’s park has developed for nearly 20 years. Especially around 2010, shopping malls in large, medium and small cities in China can be seen everywhere, and at this time, naughty equipment manufacturers of various grades have sprung up. The dimensions of market has increased, but the quality of the products and the homogenization of equipment still plague many investors. With the fierce competition in the terminal market in the same city, the demand for innovation in naughty castles is gradually heating up. Venue investors are eager to introduce novel and classic children’s play equipment to let themselves to take advantage of the terminal market competition. At the moment, for the manufacturers of naughty castles, there will be an industry turning point, homogenized equipment faces the situation of peer bidding, and naughty castle manufacturers have to start product innovation.

Three design concepts about naughty castle:

1.Naughty castle interior space environment design

In today’s increasingly competitive market, the demand for themed children’s parks is constantly being raised. The upstream market incorporates some of the ideas of a large-scale theme into indoor children’s park, incorporating elements with distinctive themes into the decoration of the space ring and the embellishment of the amusement equipment.

The themes including the popular marine theme in the children’s market, and colorful themes, forest themes, etc., as well as some non-mainstream theme elements such as space theme, joy castle theme and so on. The demand for space environment design is heating up year by year. Even some old naughty castle parks have changed their thinking and increased investment in space environment.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see that the current indoor children’s playground is not only a place for activities, but also a theme world for children’s joy. It can visually give people a new theme of beauty, and creates a dreamy space in the environment for children.

In the future, there will be more children’s parks to make an issue of the space environment, making the children’s park a beautiful landscape in the main building. From another point of view, the space environment is also a form of park equipment, it can not only to delight children, but also to delight parents through a novel design atmosphere. Therefore, if the venue investors want to stand out in the competition in the same city and improve the grade of their own children’s paradise, they must pay more attention to the environmental design of the space theme.


2.Naughty castle design

Looking at the development history of the indoor naughty castle park, many of the equipments are still in the old style of many years ago, and there are few innovations. There are two suggestions for this problem:

First, some manufacturers do not think enough about product development, and the awareness of innovation is not enough. They don’t know that innovation plays an important role in the current market.

Second, it is caused by the special situation of the production structure of children’s naughty castle equipment. As we all know, the naughty soft machine is a multi-layer structure, bearing some wood or iron pieces, with a soft sponge in the middle and a layer of leather on the outside.

If it is updated from the appearance, it must take into account the production efficiency, the cost control, the aesthetics of the equipment, and the environmental space design. It must have a sense of design, but also easy to produce, install and transport, and consider whether the appearance of the product will pose a safety hazard.

In short, the update of product design is not only the competition of manufacturers, but also the competition in the terminal market, which has gradually become an extremely important part of the industry development trend. This series of interlocking factors constrains the reform and innovation of the appearance of industrial equipment.

3.Naughty castle functional design

Whether it is space environment design or product design, the aim of indoor naughty castle is to give consumers a sense of enjoyment, and consumers will still focus on the function of the device. This is also a shortcoming of the current industry, and a point that upstream, downstream markets and even consumers ignore. Some of the current situations are that children can have fun as long as they have something to play. As for what to play, how to play, how to play well, and even whether it have any influence on the growth of children, some investors will accidentally ignore them.

Therefore, naughty castle manufacturers of equipment production should not ignore such a key point. Always learn to stand at the height of the industry to think and explore, and always maintain the cutting edge position of the market to provide the best quality equipment to the indoor naughty castle industry.