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Three Types of Amusement Adults and Kids Bumper Cars

Jinshan amusement adults and kids bumper cars for sale have three types : ground net bumper cars , sky net bumper cars and electric bumper cars. The battery bumper cars for investors are more cost-effective, because it has no need of special playground but just needs a flat ground. As long as the cars are fully charged, they can run on the flat ground.

Jinshan battery bumper cars are made of FRP and steel, equipped with advanced audio, lighting, timing function. These cars employ 24V battery power supply. What’s more, with special painting, they are colorful, fadeless, eco-friendly, corrosion resistant, stable, good-looking, novel and safe, etc. The utility model is a popular amusement equipment which is welcomed by the market . 

Jinshan battery bumper cars are the best choice for investors.


By Jinshan carnival rides