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Tips for Children Amusement Parks to Attract Customers

When summer holidays come, various amusement parks become carnivals for young people and children, so how do you keep your playground growing?

1. Membership Card

At present, many amusement parks have introduced a membership card with different amounts of money, and the customers will extend the consumption time after running a membership card. Everyone has the mentality: Each cash consumption will produce a deep and intuitive impression, but swiping card does not have such a deep feeling. In fact, membership card, it is the use of responsibility transfer psychology, swiping card tends to ignore the repayment responsibility, thus making customers have more consumption.

2. Colourful Light

In many people’s minds, the playground is a colorful place, and the colourful lights is one of the factors that attract customers to the playground. Studies have shown that colors are associated with emotional states, such as red for excitement and blue for comfort. The amusement park commonly uses a red or yellow light collocation, which more easily can arouse the player;s participation enthusiasm, achieving the effect that stimulates consumption.

3. Rhythmic Music

When many people pass by the playground, they will hear a rhythmic background music. The emotion expressed by music is to let people release the pressure, thus attracting more customers.

By Jinshan carnival rides