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Tips to Increase Amusement Park’s Profits

In amusement park manegement, performance management job takes the full part of all daily management job. It could be said that our daily work is actually for the better performance of the amusement park. In management of the park, learming performance diagnose is useful for the amusement park to find park’s problems in time.

  1. Passenger flow volume

The so-called passenger flow volume is that at the basis of store address, the number of people pass by the store in a certain period and the number is our target consumption group. Here specially mention a point that passenger flow volume is defferent from visitor flow. Vistor flow means that includes passengers who are not blong to our target consumption group. The affecting factors include whether, address, discount and promotion.

  1. Entering rate

The so-called store entering volume is the total people number that enter the store. Store entering rate= people’s number of entering store/ passenger flow volume*100%. Store entering rate can directly reflect whether the store’s atmosphere is good or not. If it’s good,there will be high store entering rate. If it’s not so good, the store entering rate will be lower. Affecting factors include brand’s influence, store image,store atmosphere, showcase and golden layout.

  1. Rate of second glance

Rate of second glance means the proportion of people will come store and cunsump again. From this deta, store performance constitution peoportion can be reflected clearly. Now many companies call for VIP, if an amusement park pays attention on developing VIP, the rate of second glance must widely be high. Affecting factors, after-sale service of salesmen and location of stores etc.