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To Attract Children, Do a Good Job in Amuseement Park Service (2)

  1. Elegant Appearance

Usually parent’s first impression of a park when they take children there are the staff’s appearance, behavior and talking. The image of amusement park left to parents mostly is formed by staff’s image and good amusement park will surely attract customers to return. Therefore, the park staff should try their best to keep appearance clean and tidy, good and elegant temperament, gentle talking and beautiful make up.

  1. Each Performs Its Own Functions

Each performs its own functions is that park manager should make good work assignment and management, reception staff should be polite and enthusiastic, cashier should be precise and clear, playing leader should be careful and responsible. For example, playing leader should understand his duty, which is to see if terminal marketing and safety and atmosphere are did well or not at the angle of busines side, to see the playing guide is did well or not at the angle of parents. Only let parents be satisfied, the sales performance can surprise people.

  1. Make Friends with Customers

It needs to be understood that customer is friend, because customer is the resource of higher sales performance in children’s amusement park. The staff in amusement park should treat parents as thinking that they are themselves, children are parents’ dearly loved person, they are the unique baby of each family, therefore, the most effective way to build good relation with parents is caring all babies in park that come for playing, it can’t be too much to regarded them as your children. Besides, you can communicate child rearing knowledge with parents.