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To Attract Children, Do a Good Job in Amuseement Park Service (3)

  1. Flexiblely Deal with Affairs

The children’s amusement park should grasp children’s nature: love playing, guide them properly, give fully play to programs’ advantages, let children play happily, create wonderful memory for them and let them return! What’s more, if there happens emergency, customer plaints in business, the staff should show quick reflexes and express, care quickly etc. If the customer is not satisfied or he is angry, you should apologize to him in time. If you can’t deal with the matter, you should immediately report to superior leaders quickly. The shop owner should deal with problems flexiablly, consider things calmly, carefully observe mentality of parents and children, preserve customers’ interests so as to ensure park’s reputation, avoid the loss overweights the gain and create better performance.

  1. In an Orderly Way

Do the management job, keep shopping place clean and tidy, beautiful, warn customers to take good care of their goods. Take good care of customers’ goods means, for example, the costomers’ goods should be put into sorting box in the order of not making them dirty. The order is keeping shoes at lower position and clothes at upper place. Try to let customers feel the heartful service details.

  1. Safety First

Choose safe, reliable, novel and interesting children amusement equipment for kids, and do a good job in safety measures. Do the distinfection and maintanence job of equipment on time, keep children healthy and safe. Recuit some park managers that know how to help children and be able to bring more joy to children, create a relaxed and joyful entertainment atmosphere to children in the park etc. After solving these problems, indoor amusement park will naturely attract returned customers, and cultivate a group of little customers.