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To Improve Competitiveness of the Amusement Park

To improve competitiveness of the amusement park: the innovative management method of equipment.

Under the circumstance of increasingly fierce competitiveness of children’s playground industry, in order to have a place of their own under the cruel market environment, managers of amusement parks continue to break through and innovate so as to attract more customers. The core competitiveness of children’s amusement park includes amusement facility and service. Today we will show you how to improve amusement park’s competitiveness through the innovation of amusement facilities.

  1. Clearly know about the developing trend of equipment.

Take investigating market demand as the starting point, analyze the condition of amusement projects in target range, get the conclusion and rule and then summarize the feature of market demands, know about the amusement projects that are popular in extensive tourists and provide powerful assistance for an innovative amusement park.

  1. Innovative combination between equipments.

In children’s amusement industry, especially the innovation of experiential projects, the innovation of project portfolio is the method of low cost and what’s more, can be easily finished. It includes not only inner portfolio of different amusement projects, but also the portfolio among amusement projects with bigger differences. New children’s amusement experiential goods are constituted through portfolio. However, this portfolio needs to be neoteric, unique, comfortable and needs reasonable function and appropriate function area allocation.

  1. Extrude products’ characteristics with the environment of the amusement park.

The environment and atmosphere of the amusement park have an important effect to show the attraction of amusement projects. The environment and atmosphere usually have problems of two aspects. First, they are relatively old-fashioned. To children’s amusement park with longer operation age and ageing ground, wall and glass, the whole environment can be improved by replacing the tiles on the ground, painting the walls, rearranging the rest seats around the amusement park and designing the free places in the amusement park from scratch. The new amusement atmosphere will be built and all the amusement places will be updated. Second, the environment and atmosphere are relatively monotonous. Many children’s amusement places don’t pay attention to the creation of the whole environment and seem monotonous. At this point, the project can be combined with its own characteristics to build a unique environment atmosphere, so that people have an immersive experience.

  1. Increase players’ experience of the device.

Participation and experience are the central features of children’s amusement projects. In the innovation of amusement projects, for those projects that are not so popular, plan games according to the amusement projects, bring the amusement project in games, increase tourists’ participation, continue to innovate the experience way so as to strengthen the attraction of children’s amusement projects.

  1. Follow the trend and update the equipment.

To the children’s amusement park with short life cycle, hardware  screening is relatively fast, which requires timely equipment update. However, updating equipment is not only turn the old to new but continue to introduce in new children’s amusement equipment. But updating hardware equipment needs more investment, so the innovation needs to be built on the scientific analysis and speculation of new equipments.