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To keep attention to the amusement equipment quality and safety.

At present, there are more and more amusement equipment, not only there are indoor amusement playground, but also have many outdoor amusement equipment. Comparing with indoor amusement playground, what kinds of problems on outdoor amusement equipment?

There are some operator pursuit of high profits, then choose the amusement equipment which produced by unknown manufacturer & bad quality, even transfer the second hand equipment, in this case, if the amusement equipment have malfunction during the using, it’s hard to get the after sale service, it will not only effect the business, but also may bring hurt to Children.

No matter what is the work, the first important questions is safety and quality.  When you choose amusement equipment, please must keep much attention to the quality and factory strength, make sure the each coin you take are worth the cargo you buy. 

Besides, it’s also necessary to keep the amusement equipment clean, to prevention of bacterial growth, protect children’ health.

By Jinshan carnival rides