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Today recommend rides: Fruit Worm Roller Coaster

Fruit worm roller coaster is a mini type of roller coaster, cute worm eating apple as theme, beautiful design and very attractive! Naughty and cute worm take Children’ laughter to his favorite red apple, through apple, pineapple jungle, looks like wandering in the ocean of fruit.

wacky worm roller coaster

Jinshan fruit worm train is made up of  track, worm cabin, apple, pineapple and control box.

Advantages of fruit worm train:

  1. Adopt A grade resin to make fiberglass, professional painting room, automobile baking process.
  2. Fiberglass painting: Primer, white paint, colorful painting, etc.
  3. Maximum thickness fiberglass , to ensure the safety and life of the equipment


  1. Cabin: Fiberglass cabin + frame + stainless steel door + LED light decoration + safe handle + decoration beard.
  2. The Fluctuation height of track : 0.4 meters.
  3. Decorative lights + pineapple.
  4. Control box support play music ( U-Disk , SD card etc. available ).

Site requirements: No need foundation, keep the ground flat.

Installation: Provide installation manual and drawing. Or dispatch engineer if necessary.

Application: Outdoor playground, indoor playground, theme park. amusement park, funfair etc.

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